Windows, et al

I like other platforms. It's only available for the "Classic" Mac OS (not OS X*) because of circumstantial reasons. I would be very happy to see it ported to Windows. Sadly, I have no Windows programming experience, and no PC to actually do the work.

I will be happy to provide any help I can provide to anyone interested in doing it.

I would also like to see this usable on something like Linux. I've never written anything for Linux, but I've got LinuxPPC and the inclination to give it a shot. Too bad Director (or even a Director/Shockwave player) is not available for Linux. Maybe one day this will change. :)

* I don't know whether this will work with OS X. I'm not sure if there's any USB driver compatibility with OS 9, but I strongly suspect not. From what I understand, all hardware drivers must be rewritten to run on OS X.